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Weight Loss

Through nutrition, lifestyle advice and support I can provide you with the tools necessary to reach your healthy weight. This entails finding a way of eating that is best suited to your individual needs. I will provide you with your long-term sustainable weight loss programme.

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Vegetarian & Vegan


Obtaining the essential diversity in nutrients on a vegetarian or plant-based diet is certainly achievable. I can provide education and support to help you cultivate healthy and diverse food choices on a vegetarian or plant-based diet. 


Heart Health

Diet plays a big role in heart health and with so much conflicting information online, knowing what to eat to keep your heart healthy can be difficult. I can provide you with the education and tools to feel confident that  you are not eating a diet that looks after you and your heart health.

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Weight Gain

Struggling to gain weight? Don't know what to eat? It's important to make sure you're nourishing your body with the right food choices when seeking to gain weight. Incorporating a structure of eating that pushes your body in an energy surplus in a healthy way is the key to my weight gain programme.

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Exercise Performance

I love helping clients with their sports goals. Whether its improving cardiovascular fitness, building muscle, improving physique or overall sports performance, I can help formulate a diet and sustainable plan that is tailored towards your sports and physique goals. 

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Coorporate Events

With my extensive background in research and nutrition, I have led various company workshops and educational seminars revolved around the importance of nutrition for health, wellbeing and work performance. If you'd like to discuss any options please book a call below.